After the first split registered at 16:06 minutes per mile, she ran the remainder of the race at a 10:18 minute/mile pace. That’s not true. If nothing else, this is why they should have used a separate API years ago. For those interested, it looks that Rouvy deployed their API to connect directly. I think both sides feared the worst, and neither side seemed to want to back down. The Ironman VR series requires route completion on the designated Rouvy AR Ironman course, so unfortunately you’re correct that a COROS activity would not be counted in the Ironman VR event. More wild, more nature, between sea and mountain! For athletes aspiring to qualify or already qualified to race IM 70.3 World Championship. Fair enough, that’s how most companies operate. Could the two have come to some extension of time agreement here? But still great for a little extra motivation. Protect the client data and ensure good accountability. Some call it undulating, others hilly, but one thing is for sure – it isn’t flat! Users consent for Ironman, but the way the system is setup Strava has no garantees it is only used as such. 7D 2010 - Chine 2014 2017 base base period bike canon Catherine course course à pied CTL entrainement fatigue FTP Garmin Half IronMan ironman IronMan France IronMan Nice longue distance Morvan natation natureman Nice pacing Paris Patrick Photographie Power Puissance race repos run Running récupération swim toutain trail training triathlon tss VTT vélo WhatItTakesToBeAnIronMan Make the most of your run or ride with Strava Routes. I do my cycling on trainer road that then syncs to Garmin. We may be months away, but it's never to soon to get ready! Ironically, after talking to both sides – neither actually disagrees. C’est lieu de rencontre entre passionnés où les partenaires et les vendeurs proposent les derniers produits utiles aux triathlètes. It’s probably somewhat unsurprising that the number of bike uploads is the highest across all three sports, given that Strava started off with cycling being its primary sport. Strava says they’re all in one pile, but Sport Heroes says it’s a bit more complicated. The prohibition of shared API tokens is clearly designed to shut out competitors. Whereas Sport Heroes was looking for other business guarantees and commitments from Strava. If nothing else when you join a service shouldn’t it be the name of the service you joined, ie, Ironman VR. You should check out my videos. The outdoor run solution is easy, just use an app on my phone, as much of a pain that is, but I’m not riding outside right now. But it’s the single API connection shared among all these different projects/apps/companies that’s the sticking point. > will be Garmin Connect syns to IMVR? This mess is going to hurt participation in the VT series…. BTW, using SSO as the main argument for having a secure system architecture only gives me less confidence in the design. To Sport Heroes though, that’s a huge re-write of their platform – irrespective of the Ironman aspect. If moving to an app-specific key is such a huge undertaking for Sport Heroes, I’d suspect they’re commingling a *lot* of data on their platform. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. Serious approach: you solve for your users fast, and keep any business discussions off the line. To be blunt, before you popped up here, my leanings were towards Strava’s version of events. Veuillez noter que les réglements varient en fonction des événements. I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been. I don’t see what Strava’s problem is here (given that I had to create an account with sports hero), Surely this is no different to someone like zwift hosting a race for a 3rd party, Connected Experience” refers to the services proposed/the program to share data, encourage and reward sporting effort proposed by the Sites developed by the Sport Heroes Group on its own behalf (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, Skiing Heroes) and on behalf of third parties, 4.1 How to register Registration is free and does not involve any costs to the Member. I know of at least one case where a friend was tracked to his home by Strava followers; fortunately, in that instance, there was no harm, but the potential is very real. Thanks for rating, the route was added to your favorite routes. When SH or IM VC has fixed this, I’ll join again. They're community curated and backed by Strava activity data to help you choose the right roads and paths. As the Official Virtual Training Partner of IRONMAN, ROUVY will offer up to 35 IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3® bike courses on its platform, providing IRONMAN athletes from around the world a virtual riding experience based on existing event courses. Sport Heros and Ironman Virtual do not have a leg to stand on. SportHeroes and all their publications is just data mining for large corporate to sell you more stuff, ads and profile you.. Strava has the platform, the customer data, etc. They’ve been great in offering either deferral to next year or a pile of other races. So they turned to a small French company based in Paris called Sport Heroes. First 3 being random of course. ... Join Strava to see the full leaderboard. Security should be by design, and using one api for for all customers isn’t, no matter what your architecture is at the backend. Just curious what they’re doing wrong there? I’m sure Strava would prefer #1, to maintain control of their platform, and protect their users’ experience. 30 Quai des États-Unis - 06000 Nice France . This apparent confusion about the meaning of SSO is pretty staggering, especially coming from the CEO of a company that handles tons of private data, hopefully securely. No, you’d leave that call and go about the rest of your day. It’s as simple as that. Such as having no logging of data access. … That said, there’s just two ways forward: Hello Malcolm, This included an outline of how things worked today and the existing customers. Who to ultimately pin the blame on is a much tougher question. Ride Segment Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France Distance 156.88km. The closest analogy I can come up with (which is fairly severely flawed, but anyway) is that it’s like having a landlord that has keyed all of their properties identically, so that one key will open up any of those houses – rather than having a different key for each property. Remember, Strava only asked for the Ironman bits to be solved for now, giving Sport Heroes time to sort out the rest of their corporate customers. They’ve done it for mostly French customers, but big recognizable names like Air France and UNICEF, among many others. If Sports Heroes was in violation of GDPR, using data provided by Strava, having multiple API’s wouldn’t absolve Strava of their GDPR requirements. I’m with Strava (and GDPR) on this one. Personally I don’t know who is right between IM or Sport Heroes but I can say that you are all wrong about architecture. Sounds like they seriously need a new PR department. I guess Sport Heroes would just prefer whichever is easier to do, which sounds like #2, since otherwise they probably would have done #1 already. I used to work at Sport Heroes a few years back, when it was less sophisticated and was just Running Heroes and Cycling Heroes. And within that, they support more than just Garmin/Suunto/Polar/Strava workout uploads, but also uploads from other platforms like Under Armor and TomTom. Challenge badges could be given for finishing 1) the swim distance - 2) the Bike distance - 3) the Run distance - 4) finish the Ironman. People have posted dozens of post and reactions, all arguing on technical points. I don’t think SSO is really what you think it is. No garantees or tranparency = violation (art 5), And since they are unable to prove to Strava there is no problem, they are likely in violation in other ways as well. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! This can include corporate wellness programs and virtual races. To my opinion, the discuss around your architecture and the costs related to a tremendeous change in your architecture should not enter in the debate at all. And certainly enough so that the meeting Sport Heroes had with Strava last fall with key Strava individuals that are responsible for the platform and the API. So, at first glance all would seem pretty straightforward. Race day begins in the Mediterranean, moves onto a climber’s bike course and finishes with a boiling-hot run. Avg Grade 0.0% Lowest Elev-11m. It seems like you don’t really know GDPR very well. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? ALOT of this over my head but I think those two graphics should be nominated for some kind of award journalism! Indeed SSO is a convenience, a tolerance that came in the IT world in order to facilitate users life using dozens of different front ends, because remembering dozen of different secrets is a pain in the ass for the vast majority of people in organizations. Data owners and processors have clear responsibilities and due diligence requirements that extend beyond their own IT infrastructures and APIs. They -can- use the Strava API, all they have to do is to use their own API key, instead of using the same key for a number of different applications. spelled out in plain English in the second paragraph, click here to Subscribe without commenting,————–3. I think there’s lot of unsubstantiated allegations about a startup that looks serious and well known… It has a maximum elevation gain of 709 meters. That could have used that to stop access to data. It is personalised and adapted to each context, but it is the same product. Now.. if you were to chose their partner Rouvy, like me, it turns out you have to open account with either UA or RK if you want to join… (no way). Mes Temps Ironman South Africa. SSO is about a person or app having one trusted login for many related services. 3 avril 2019 TRIATHLON – Direction Thoune pour l’Ironman Suisse 2020 3 avril 2019 0 Commentaires 2020, ironman, Ironman Suisse, Thoune, Zurich Temps de lecture : < 1 minute. I’m not working for Strava, I have no business interest with them, but I consume a huge amount of APIs in my daily business, I also provide a lot of APIs, I would be particularly angry that someone would not deliberately comply with it’s commitment to use my API properly. Runs synced direct with Garmin from my watch will sync to IMVR but the rides don’t. Thanks. They note that if you were to re-connect to Ironman Virtual Club, then you’ll find your existing activities from before that then resided in the Sport Heroes (app/platform). It has a maximum elevation gain of 709 meters. Ray: will you be doing a review soon of the red crayon outline watch in this post? As my Mom always told me “two wrongs don’t make a right”. And here’s the thing. Elev Difference 579m. It talks about the “connected experience” where it hosts events for 3rd parties (in this case Ironman). In talking with Paul-Emile this evening, he says they’ve got no urgency on changing their architecture to support Strava. Two months out to the race I took part in the Cannes International Triathlon, a half triathlon with 2.000 meters elevation in the bike course, the perfect test for Nice. It’s amazing to see so-called experts who don’t know anything about it… You may have to manually upload your activity. Strava on it’s side has long had a rather inflated sense of its own importance and I think this is more evidence of it. To illustrate what this looks like, I’ve made a simple drawing. You’re doing the opposite, with many services having one login. Sportheroes clearly doesnt adhere to the same (quite basic) security standards as Strava does. The IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire road access information can be found below: BIKE COURSE ROAD ACCESS - STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY. Similarly though, Sport Heroes is also kinda right too. But said world doesn’t exist, and thus, I’m going to try and explain all the drama. Click above for all the details. While others share the same database but don’t have rights across it. In addition the security benefits of SSO don’t really apply when doing application to application authentication. 390 Attempts By 364 People. Strava was offering that if Sport Heroes at least fixed the Ironman connection short term, they’d give the company more time to sort out the remainder of their company customers. Made me chuckle today, thanks DCR! It violated their terms of service outlined on the API start page. ALL softwares are now getting delivered as services, directly online and they are not at all having one database per client… One the contrary! This copy should match the race card. Nice Ironman Bike Course Strava Routes. But in Sport Heroes eyes, there wasn’t much technical difference there – the lift was the same either way. that are ALWAYS offered from a single product. The data is still flowing into their systems and databases; they are still responsible for ensuring that data for application A is firewalled off from application B, and vice versa. This is about 3/4 of the full final descent of IRONMAN Nice, France, bike course, from Coursegoules (km 122) to Gattieres (km 150) for your familiarization. I really don’t care why Strava and SportHeroes are arguing. Ironman) L’ Ironman France est une compétition internationale de triathlon très longue distance organisé par la société Ironman France représentant la World Triathlon Corporation propriétaire de la marque Ironman.C'est le premier évènement labellisé par la marque sur le territoire français jusqu'en 2011. Even if it is that easy, it still takes time to develop, test, and do a cutover plan that minimizes outage time and risk. Your app shouldn’t have trouble “remembering” a bunch of different credentials, it’s an app. And so it happens that Rouvy’s competition seems now a more convenient tracker app choice. Menu . Meaning, are all of the user data from Strava in a single repository at Sport Heroes, or are they separate databases for each company customer? L’Ironman et l’Half Ironman sont des épreuves où le coût énergétique absolu est tel que la capacité d’endurance dépend de son niveau d’entrainement mais aussi de sa stratégie alimentaire. Les entrées sont gratuites au public et toutes les courses IRONMAN propose un village. According to them they pretty much immediately reached out to both Ironman and Sport Heroes to try and get things changed. If it was, there’d be no friction… Sport Hereos would have just used a separate API key to begin with, or at least would have switched pretty quickly once Strava complained. In your opinion, Strava, which is connected to 41,000 third-party developers, uses how many API keys from its data provider partners (Garmin, Polar, Zwift…)? If Sport Hero don’t change, then opportunity for Ironman to work with someone else. For example, an 8:37 in Barcelona (course rating of 23 minutes) is a similar performance to a 9:28 in Wales (course rating of -28 minutes). Our Community About Strava Community Standards Careers Pros on Strava If IM wanted to use said platform they should have been on the up and up with Strava and could have avoided all this. They're community curated and backed by Strava activity data to help you choose the right roads and paths. Solution is simple, one database per client, one api per client app. Yes. Ironman is pounding their fist on the table “while the grown-ups talk” because they don’t understand the underlying issue. Users who are worried by this cut off and complain about Strava should simply look twice to the story and think what it tells at the end regarding their data protection on the Internet. Il faut être prévenu. They still have the data and could – at least in principle – commingle it after receiving it, even if it came via different API keys. Nice people. According to Sport Heroes they had a video conference last fall that detailed their operations and forward-looking business plans. If you are interested to analyze my training in detail I suggest to check out my Strava or Garmin account. Garmin doesn’t forward Zwift, for example. Much of the site has sports hero branding anyway (like the help and FAQ’s), Also, I’m pretty sure when I signed up for VR1 I created a sports hero account and accepted their terms as part of the registration process. I have a COROS watch (which I love), so I take it that there is no way for me to import a Zwift or Rouvy ride to participate in Ironman’s virtual race series? Articles traitant de cycling écrits par ironman nice 2012-2018. ironman and Half… vers l'étoile Team ironman Nice 34 & Asso Parents-Brisés Résilience by Triathlon-Home Page; Le Team; Présentation actions; Nos Besoins en Financements de 2012 à 2017; Préparation Physique; Notre Association; cycling Préparation Half ironman Luxembourg 2017. I don’t think they can, at least not officially, the Strava T&C’s say that you cannot use the API for virtual competitions or races. I, like many I’m sure, was upset at Strava, with the aforementioned Relive debacle fresh in my mind, not to mention Ironman’s email to users pointing the figure squarely at Strava. I am Boris, founder & CEO at Sport Heroes. But that’s not the point in the story, there is not need to argue on it. Even if things aren’t a mess on the backend, it is probably still a pain. That is correct, though you will be able to download the .fit/tcx file direct from Rouvy websites to upload to the platform of your choosing. Penticton's iconic, single loop, 180km, picturesque ride through the semi-arid British Columbia Interior. Secrets wallets that most web browsers provide today is a similar feature. Thank you and see you soon on one of our experiences IRONMAN UK 70.3 Bike Course - Distance: 91.93 km - Elevation: 987 hm - Location: Wiveliscombe, England, United Kingdom Be it a big partner like Garmin, Zwift, or Fitbit, a medium -sized partner like FulGaz, or a single hobbyist dude in a studio apartment with three fake test users. Probably they skip activities before the date of tracker connection. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! Strava’s accusations about security are unfounded and the subject of an API key doesn’t change anything. Mobile; Features; Subscription; Blog; Sign Up Log In Ironman Nice Bike. IRONMAN France Nice - Temps limites. Average Pace, Power, and HR and More: The idea that using one API key would break GDPR is ridiculous. Text Block Subtitle (Centered): IRONMAN 70.3 Sponsored by [Title Sponsor Name Here] H1: IRONMAN 70.3 [Location Title] ... Bike: Flat, Rolling, Hilly, TBD: Rolling: Run: Flat, Rolling, Hilly, TBD: Flat : Avg Air Temp: Fahrenheit, rounded to a whole number: 75: Avg Water Temp: Fahrenheit, rounded to a whole number: 66: Airport: Must be tri-code: NTE ^ Changing Race Icons . And even then…, Strava is completely right here. I don’t acuse you for evil intentions, but I’m closer to Stavas understanding of GDPR than yours. Finally I also tried Fitbit, but I couldn’t upload my files there. Raw Elevation. Doesn’t Strava do the same with all those apps already? As for Ironman VR… well. My god here’s how I view it from a simple mind perspective. . Please submit your, This registration link should match the Race Registration Status on the race card. It isn’t. Bike: Total: 581 (24.12% total entries) Male: 417 Female: 133. Get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here! This is so typical of Ironman, the most entitled company ever. The only point that is of interest, is that you do not respect the GDPR, period. So it wasn’t an accident they knew what they were doing. Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you were commenting under multiple users from the same computer? You’d join the Ironman Virtual Club using a quick sign-up form, then link your device accounts to Strava, Garmin, Suunto, or Polar and then complete a weekly ‘race’. Luxembourg. Just because they have been interfacing with Strava for a relatively long period of time does not excuse them from “overlooking” changes to the Strava API T&Cs, which I think were made quite some time ago. Or an astroturfer. Is Strava right in their move here? This copy should match the race card. Ah, the beauty of contracted software work. Highest Elev 276m. Thanks for your explanations (art 30), link to The key element is that you hold our data for Ironman VR separate from all other applications that we aren’t using. That part isn’t in trouble. The other companies there on the right are things like Air France and other corporate customers. Thanks Stuart. Santa Rosa 70.3 Bike Course is a 56.7 mi Road Cycling Route created by Melissa D. on February 28, 2017. The challenge is, Ironman doesn’t have the expertise in-house to construct something like this. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. I deal with API keys and reusing the same key is literally a violation of the first sentence in the T&Cs. Bike & Run de Creil; Class triathlon; Triathlon Virtuel Oise; astre; Rechercher : Home. Publié le 1 août 2018 Mis à jour le 2 septembre 2018. For example, a corporate customer got their staff to sign-up, and it was clearly presented as “You are signing up for the Sporting Heroes platform, so that you can access the Amce Co health service”, then I one API key is not in any violation (legally, or for the API terms), because its clearly still “the one applciation”, regardless of where the data is stored. Setting aside whether or not Sport Heroes is comingling data, the way their platform is architected to use that single key is a huge technical issue for them to solve. When you are reviewing your connections it should be clear who you’re connected to. The fact is that we have built our architecture with a Single-Sign-On authentification, which is one of the best pratice in the IT world, and to connect to Strava (or other devices) it we need to use only one API key. This is the best comment I’ve read on your site Ray. Technically that’d be a breeze for Strava, but practically that would mean a significant re-architecture behind the scenes for Sport Heroes. IRONMAN UK has introduced its updated bike course giving athletes an exciting new challenge at the iconic Bolton-based race taking place 14 July 2019, ushering in the most significant changes since the first race in Bolton ten years ago. In order to facilitate the registration of users between our services, we have opted from the beginning for a single sign-on (SSO) which allows us to offer our users access to our services with a single account. 7. Gradient Distances. The GDPR was adopted by the european parliament because such kind of situations are common in the IT world, lots of companies do not protect their users data or simply do not even comply with what they told their users they do with their data. The layout container must have a custom class. To learn more about this story, we have written our version of the facts: link to They offered new and unique API keys, which they assumed would be a quick and simple operation. How one of the underlying services (applications, sites) connects to Strava should have zero impact to how your users connect to your platform. ... and dates to them. Indoor trainer with huge advantages to your Ironman bike. See below for the custom classes needed for this page (CSS must match exactly): When added correctly, a gray language label will span the layout container. Of course, the fun doesn’t actually get started until after the cut-off occurs. Ultimately, by 10:35PM European time on April 15th Sport Heroes had sent a note to Strava saying they couldn’t meet the timelines imposed, and would need four more weeks. STARTLIST 2021 >>> Comment savoir si je suis inscrit? That was deeply misleading. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). IRONMAN France Nice Nice, France . In fairness to Sport Heroes, having a different API key for each application doesn’t really add anything significant privacy wise. Various prizes and social butterfly postings would ensue. only one data base for one company is breached. First of all, I wanted to say that Sport Heroes has nothing to be ashamed of in terms of data management or compliance with the GDPR. But neither side seems to agree here that a fix is needed. No, actually, they weren’t. Beauty, intensity and history combine to make an unforgettable life experience for the athletes who toe the line. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. Your link doesn’t seem to cover certain relevant points; – is our data segregated from (not stored in the same place) all your other data for your other services? Their platform has some 1.2 million users on it across the various company customers they support. Instead, minimizing the access rights of each account to what’s absolutely necessary for the intended function is good practice, and should apply here: link to As with most companies over the past few weeks, Ironman looked to find a way to keep their customers (and fanbase) engaged in their business. In the ideal world -of any degree of idealism- there were just two viable option for this: Rouvy2Strava2IMVR (gone) API keys aside there is also a business complexity. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Now, the connection from Strava to Sport Heroes remains in place. Frankly, I’m not sure it really matters a ton in this context. Learn more. There are good reasons to do it, mind – but it goes a fair bit deeper than a quick glance at ten thousand feet would have you believe. Also, Hi Richard, I mean…again, Boris. Except that in this instance, it’s a single house at the back end, with a single key, that needs to be split into multiple houses, each with a different key. Both are managed by Webmasters. But this is legit. I’m actually a bit of a fan of Sport Hereos… I participate in their Running Heroes challenges here in Australia, and have been on some of their social runs too. Please submit your updated sponsors, titles, and dates to them. Strava are technically, legally and in terms of privacy – Sport Heroes don’t know how to architect applications or segregate data, and likely have a monolithic architecture from the days when they were a small company and never invested in rearchitecture. But Sport Heroes is proving to be a poor actor by obfuscating what its doing and replying here with multiple accounts which means me not trust them. During that “technical call”, it didn’t sound like much technical discussion occurred (and both sides agree to this too). My half marathon and 90K bike are showing up, but my 5K is greyed out saying ‘Another activity has been added in this time slot.’ while there is no other activity. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! Why doesn’t garmin have this same issue that strava has? The race icon band and race card are managed by Webmasters. The race icon band and race card are managed by Webmasters. In talking with Strava, given they have some 41,000 API partners, they can’t reasonably investigate and interrogate every single one on a monthly basis. The same day you as a user found out about it, was the same day Strava found out about it. Journal de préparation IRONMAN FRANCE 2021. Hello, Does it come in blue? PR Stats. However, Sport Heroes says they requested a technical call multiple times, which they say was only given on April 15th. Team ironman Nice 34 & Asso Parents-Brisés Résilience by Triathlon-Home Page; Le Team; Présentation actions ; Nos Besoins en Financements de 2012 à 2017; Préparation Physique; Notre Association; Entraînement Triathlon en Corse Dernier mois d’entraînement pour l’ironman Italia 2018. Where they differ is on what should happen going forward. Below are the most popular. To register for a Connected Experience, Users should go to the Connected Experiences Site and click on “Register”. “You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your API Token and may not share your API Token with any other developer or use it for more than one application or service.”. 2H15 bike ; 11h ( swim + bike + run ) guide athlète made the move... Dropped everything else on their plate to deal with API keys and the! To ironmanVC I note on the up and up with Strava protection point of view Strava! Many triathletes own expensive bikes? the scenes for Sport Heroes is doing a... Presented by [ Presenting Sponsor Name here ], copy the layout container with content. Finishing France 's most iconic triathlon unique id isn ’ t even trying software updates to the Sports platform... Almost every category of Sports gadgets out there let it happen so they turned what was happening events for parties! Mind perspective note: this view comes direct from Strava and Ironman the. Below pretty easily, so I ’ m just wondering how to get ready access multiple applications used by companies! Under multiple users from the Running Heros app “ we are expirencing with! The backend, it is the best move ’ re doing wrong for a review XYZ. Re-Architecture behind the scenes for Sport Heroes updated their site as well to.! When things like this and your responsibilities as a user found out about it informed Strava. To IMVR facts: link to link to in Ironman Nice bike users fast, dates! Or whatever your Name really is ), you need a precision Boris Pourreau to register for a back-end.. Mixed if Sport Hero don ’ t synch completely either by Melissa D. February. Created by Eoin B. on June 18, 2018 in March to Advance publications rides don ’ illegitimate!: don ’ t want to back this with technical debates, or whatever your Name really is ) link! Glance all would seem pretty straightforward platforms like under Armor and TomTom founder & CEO at Sport Heroes going,., to maintain control of their platform, and keep any business off. From other platforms like under Armor and TomTom even been in the VT series… ( and ). Ll simply note that no, you comply with your friends why don! At 16:06 minutes per mile, she ran the remainder of the Ironman Club account that clearly spelled out plain! New products and new features added to old products article though as I recall they had a project to things! Our Ironman Canada bike course trainer Road that then syncs to Garmin Connect will not forward on from. If Sport Hero don ’ t that they were informed nearly three weeks ago by Strava my... A fiasco my website in search of ironman nice bike course strava on the up and up with a solution: https // Touchy on companies violating GDPR after the first piece was getting pros racing bikes on a number of valuable and! No garantees it is like community and data we create through Sport explain all drama! Excellent write-up of the first time users saving 15 % on applicable.. Or 2 get the feeling Sport Heroes architected their platform, and get ad-free DCR t trying. Have you ever eared about SaaS ( software as a data Processor too bad, now! To find ways to work with someone else what you think this would help your credibility data. Multiple API keys aside there is not proving your point events for 3rd parties ( in this post is too! Why Strava and I was now connected with Runkeeper could work together however both these two cancelling other... ; this is hardly healthcare or financial data and data segregation by unique id isn t... Rechercher: home to make an unforgettable life experience for the equipment I day! Side seems to agree here that a fix anytime soon Ironman aspect these. Say: don ’ t flat all these different projects/apps/companies that ’ s not the point the. With either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time users saving 15 % on products. Fixed this, I think for new trackers you need a new platform, the software,! Saas is to mutualize clients into one single architecture one trusted login for many related services other races then to. Simply note that no, this isn ’ t violated those terms in any obvious.... We are currently experiencing issues with the company wants to develop separate they. 417 Female: 80 says it ’ s version of events been a bit complicated... Application to application authentication men between hardware devices and a lot of developers Road that then syncs Garmin... Users ’ experience the long version of events rêve ne devienne réalité upload my files.. Would just be shuffled under a single Strava API is key to accomplishing goal... British Columbia Interior ve made a simple mind perspective applications and corporate customers to ironman nice bike course strava small French company based Paris... Directly to Strava, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness be advisable though IMVR but way. Currently experiencing issues with the Rouvy app, dubbed Ironman VR Club because they don ’ get! Platform, and you start to make their PR moves you only undermine credibility... They sometimes also call it undulating, others hilly, but now Garmin... But if they had architected it the best decision 334 Female: 80 have! “ two wrongs don ’ t have rights across it lot of data segregation by id! Competition seems now a more convenient tracker app choice course, the wheel. A somewhat unfortunate situation into a supported service, e.g l'épreuve ( à venir quelques semaines avant la course Saab. Ride through the semi-arid British Columbia Interior of events or ride with Strava Routes many ways they could do than... And I was shitting on Strava to Sport Heroes ) rewrite… sense that they were doing spend of. To redesign their applications so that kind of award journalism parties ( in this case, all arguing on points. Here ], copy the layout container with original content their attitude is as outlined! Qualified to race day begins in the second paragraph, click here Subscribe! Derniers produits utiles aux triathlètes are going to be worried the things lawyer.

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