All in all, we harvested 21 bear and watched a few more escape to the safety of the woods. Questions about the Voyageurs National Park ice road included whether there is a fee to access it. Crappies are coming alive on deeper flats in open water where the key depths range from 18 to 25 feet of water. Don’t let a bug hatch on your favorite lake keep you home, get out there and cash in on the soft bottom, walleye bonanza! Recently, 19 of our customers used the same phrase after filling their 2020 black bear tags and this week, Kolby has used the term more than once as he and his friends have bagged ruffed grouse. On the way we found some smaller grade tuna and it gave everyone a chance to get there lines wet for an hour or so on not stop tuna on the chew. The choice of crankbaits varies, there’s a good chance that you already have something in tackle box that will work. As the accompanying photo illustrates, Des was more than pleased with his catch, a healthy 20-1/2 inch walleye. The idea for this trip was that he-they wanted us to be situated where we could fish for 3 days but check out a different lake each day. Crappies, staging for the spawn can often be found feeding along those breaks in water depths of 15 to 30 feet. When you’re thinking about a destination for a fishing trip, get in touch and let us know how we can help. Whatever you need, we have you covered, so stop in on your way to the lake! As we now have a solid 6-10 inches of ice throughout most of Kabetogama, more anglers are venturing out to their favorite fishing hole and finding success. "A growth year for us, we acquired lots of new gear, updated our fleet of rental ice fishing shelters and made a lot of progress updating the grounds and facilities. Slow rolling large spinnerbaits can be very effective, so are large swim baits like YUM’s Money Minnow or similar swimming artificial lures. For More Information >> Contact KAB OUTDOORS or Call 218.875.2281. On a recent two day stretch, one day jigging aggressively was the ticket and [...], kla2019-09-20T17:33:26-05:00Fishing Report|, Fishing and Hunting Report 10/7/2018 Fall hits the north land with unseasonably cold, wet weather. But we still do have some dates available, so if you, or someone you know is a Vet, get in touch for more information about open dates. By Frank Sargeant, The Huntsville Times From Lake Guntersville, Captain Mike Gerry reports … Most anglers are happy to catch them as part of a mixed bag while they search for walleyes. On opening day, you can use this information to your advantage. Even though walleyes are scattered, if you do some running to your favorite spots you will eventually find active fish. Daytime has not been bad either though, in fact we’ve seen folks catching fish from the docks most anytime of the day. But as you can see, even anglers who are not in hot pursuit of pike have the chance to catch one. Anglers are walking on some areas and using ATVs on others, and ice depths continue to vary from 2-10 inches. So, don’t overlook shallow rock points and the high tops of rocky reefs or sunken islands. Under these conditions, the best presentation has been small, 1/16-ounce Live Bait Jigs tipped with ½ night crawlers. Lately, there have been more of them showing up in the mix of walleye, pike and smallmouth. Christopher Hong. Don’t forget, you can always get your own firsthand information by booking a guide trip, there’s no better way to learn the lake than that. Whether driving to work or heading out fishing on a sheet of ice, there is an inherent risk in many of our daily activities. Don’t forget live bait either, larger sucker minnows suspended below slip floats will produce pike on those off days when artificial lures can’t make the big pike move. "Looking forward to the ice fishing season doesn’t require looking quite as far forward as it did a week ago. Outdoors report: Winter fishing patterns still emerging and ducks are migrating By Tyler Mahoney Special to The Star November 11, 2020 01:25 PM The bear season opened on September 1st and started off with a bang, pun intended! — The shelves are stocked with everything you’ll need to convince those fish to bite; so be sure to stop in and let us help. For More Information >> Contact KAB OUTDOORS or Call 218.875.2281. The snow piled up just deeply enough to produce shallow slush pockets in a wide variety of locations around the lake. Folks scrambling to find alternatives to their cancelled Canadian trips have taken note that our lake is one great place to do that. Most days, anglers are making their first stop at one of the lakes numerous weed beds. On the lake, surface water temperatures have risen into the low 80s and that warm water has triggered a lot of activity among all species of fish, especially Smallmouth Bass. Walleye location varies wildly right now, we have reports of good fishing in 3 feet of water and we also have reports of good fishing in water depths of 25 feet or more. "Winter is slow to arrive at Kabetogama this season, ice conditions improve daily, but at a slow pace compared to most years. For us, the pace becomes a bit more relaxed, but when we’re not in the woods, we’re still on the lake, enjoying the fall fishing with customers who like cooler weather. And who wouldn’t love getting some expert fishing advice over a giant ice cream cone in the comfort of our air-conditioned store? But varying your presentation is, the anglers who get the most creative are the ones who catch the most fish. Christopher Hong. Shiners, rainbows, and fatheads, in that order of volume going out the door at the bait store. The sunshine and calm water is what keeps the tucked into the weeds, but the weather and water temperatures are stable. After a day on the lake, guests love to unwind as they watch for the slow-but-steady pull down of their bobber. This is when we get a greater number of “keeper” size fish for the creel. For anglers seeking ‘eaters”, locating the actual spawning sites is most important. But we’ve already had a lot of sightings throughout the summer and now we’re on the trails every day by noon, setting baits and preparing for the season opener on September 1, 2020. Anglers are finding fish deeper right now in 25-35 ft of water. We have them in all sizes and we can help you fine tune the sizes that best fit the areas you are fishing. Warm weather and heavy boat traffic epitomize the July 4th holiday week. Next, we extended the turnaround at the end of our driveway, added some nice boulder retaining walls and put in a winter landing ramp for the SnoBear. Last December, at the St. Paul Ice Show, I ran the idea past Kent Keeler, owner operator at Driftwood Resort and he thought it sounded like a good plan. Upgrading kitchens, bathrooms and flooring should keep us busy as the ice gets thicker. I’ve been going to Kab since the late 90’s. The Ruffed Grouse season is still open and there have been plenty of them in the woods this fall. Be sure to get in touch and inquire about rentals. — The shelves are stocked with everything you’ll need to convince those fish to bite; so be sure to stop in and let us help. I’ve noticed that I can first find some active fish in 15 feet of water and then at the next spot, fish will be in 25 feet. As reliable as it is, this is now ranked #2 in our list of presentation options. Under the bluebird conditions, fish struck periodically, but the hits were lazy and slow. On one of my first trips to Kab I fished with local angler Wade Watson. Walleye in the protected slot are showing up more frequently too, it has become more common to catch larger fish in the mix each day. Knock on wood, but so far, we have not run across any areas where water or slush appears to be causing a problem. Kab Fishing report 7/6/2020 The 4th of July weekend was a busy one. Cabins/Campers; Boat Rentals ; Guides; Bait/Tackle; Groceries/Liquor; Our Harbor; Photo Gallery; WINTER. Recently, downsizing your lure and bait has been working well with the recent cold front. If you’re on the lake and the seas are calm, this would be an excellent time to scout the shallows. Key depths for open water pike range between 10 and 25 feet deep. That means that with moderate snow cover and scattered slushy spots, travel by snowmobile and tracked ATVs will be the only way to access the better fishing spots on Kabetogama. Fish the breakline during the last couple hours of daylight when crappies will make short, but intense feeding runs. “What I do first is to find a school of fish using my electronics, typically they’re in 18 to 25 feet of water these days. Dragging Lindy rigs along the outside edge is working but your best bet is to sit just outside the weed line and pitch small jigs tipped with a leech or crawler using a slow retrieve. Since the end of the ice fishing season, we’ve used our time wisely; so the cabins are cleaned, the store is stocked up and our rental boats are rigged and ready to go. So there's still no access for "wheel houses", but snowmobiles and tracked machines should be able to use access. You know what means, baitfish are on the move toward deeper water, so are other gamefish, especially walleyes! "Like most Minnesotans, we weren’t too thrilled with the turbulent weather in recent days. Our guests enjoyed a 100% success rate during the first week and so far this week, they have already bagged 6 more. The outer edges of mid-lake reefs or points leading from shore toward deep water are good starting spots. 2/10/20, Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report. Who knows how many customers will fill their bear tags this fall? Despite the horrible weather to hunt in, we’ve managed to make it happen. For folks like Terry Lee, the proclamation could ring out as he set the hook on a 40 inch pike like the one you see here. We do still have some cabin rentals and even a couple seasonal cabins available for May thru October 2020." With a Digital Only subscription, you'll receive unlimited access to our website and e-edition. We’re finding more fish in water depths of 15 to 20 feet and we’ve noticed that the live bait preferences are changing too. But we think it’s likely that these fish have moved away from shallow water by now. Our area finally got hit by the first significant snow storm of the winter. Keeler negotiated a little earlier start time, with luck, that would help get us in on a more active “morning bite”. Several larger fish have come along the way as well, so catching a couple of fish to eat has not been a problem. The gap between those readings will narrow as cooler, more turbulent weather breezes in for the weekend. For most anglers fishing mid lake structure on Kabetogama, a supply of 1-1/2-ounce, 2-ounce, and 2-1/2-ounce bouncers should cover most situations. If we stayed there, we could fish Kabetogama one day, Rainy another one and the 3rd day, maybe Crane, Namakan or any another lake within reasonable driving distance. There are lots of crankbaits that will work for pike, but we prefer long, large profile baits that emulate deep water forage fish. Don’t worry, we have the entire fleet of rentals ready to go, and as soon as we see enough ice to get rolling, you’ll see the announcement. Fish can be found holding along the outer edges of thicker weeds like Eelgrass and Coontail. Trolling large plugs over open water would be the best way to catch trophy size fish. If you’ve got the right equipment, i.e. Crappies, another fish species that don’t get a lot of pressure on Kabetogama are beginning to school up in open water. Catching perch, sauger and pike not only keeps them busy during the lulls, but also helps round out the protein plan at dinner time. To target crappies, timing is everything, you’ll need to find areas where weed beds lay adjacent to deep water. Overall, we’d call the winter a success. Walleyes can’t move south for winter, but at times they act like they have. We find surface water temperatures are in the high 40 to low 50-degree range, depending on the area we fish. Shallow water, adjacent to shoreline breaks, along with back bays have good ice already. So be ready, call about available dates and make your reservations today.". A lot of guests have chosen to hide from the midday heat inside. 2/10/20 Fishing inconsistent, snowmobile, ski and snowshoe trails all in excellent shape! But catching them during the daytime demands both patience and persistence. On guide trips, the boys have been primarily focused on walleyes. We’ve got the info that will help you locate fish and the gear that will help you catch them. But don’t rule out deeper shoreline related structures either, especially the outer edges of points that lay adjacent to wide and flat feeding shelves. When you book a rental shelter from KAB Outdoors, we can transport you to your home away from home in style. Fish are being found throughout the water column so adjust your presentation as needed. Your odds of catching a giant pike are better here than they are in any other area of the state. We know that some folks like 'going it alone", so matter whether you're planning to fish with us or not, remember that we have the shelves in the KAB Outdoors Store stocked with everything you’ll need for a successful ice fishing trip on Kabetogama. Downsizing your jigging baits isn’t a bad idea either, smaller size Rattl'n Flyer Spoons tipped with a minnow head is always a good choice. Maybe it did help a little, but as we got better at the “Mud-Raking” presentation, fish continued to come into the boat throughout the day. Small, tightly formed schools of fish can be found stacked up in water depths of 20 to 25 feet. Walleye fishing has been good for our customers and for whatever reason, there’s sort of a big fish bite going on right now. Smallmouth will eat the leeches too, but some of our customers are doing well using both the new topwater bait from BOOYAH and HJ 12s too. Fish that spread out along flatter, slow tapering breaklines and feeding shelves can be more easily targeted using spinners. We will always come back to visit you! As you can see in the accompanying photo, northern pike of quality size are showing up on the weed edges again. But we do know one thing, fish will eat them, this presentation has been very reliable for us and our customers. Moderate conditions are forecast for today as well, so we expect that most will find some fish again. For the most part, everything is ready to go for opening day. Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report. Even with hunting customers scheduled to arrive soon, fishing traffic on Lake Kabetogama is still robust. We’ve got the supplies you’ll need and we’d love to hear about how your trip is going." "Old Red, White and Blue", our Ice Castle that any Veteran can fish in for free is in a pretty good fishing spot and it has been busy lately. But anglers are getting the itch and our phones are ringing a little more every day. Over the past week, our presentation of choice has been combining aggressive jigging with dead sticks and live bait. Unless we get a lot of snow soon, these flooded areas shouldn’t pose a problem down the road, so, we have our fingers crossed and will provide updates about that. "As Lake Kabetogama begins to freeze, we can feel the gap between open water and ice fishing narrowing. Lively leeches on Lindy Rigs have been the bait of choice for most deep-water walleye anglers. LinkedIn. The store shelves are stocked too, so be sure to stop by for live bait, fishing gear and for any of your last minute needs." White … The shelves are stocked with all of the newest and best tackle and we’re looking forward to telling you all about it!" Crappies should be in or near shallow spawning territory right now, but few have reported seriously pursuing them. FISHING REPORTS. Outdoors; Friday fishing report. There are always a few fish roaming solo over the mud bottom and you never know when a phantom pike or giant walleye will be looking for a one bite meal. But we’ve figured out that that downsizing our presentations have helped produce more reliable action, especially for walleyes. OH, and don’t forget that travel to and from good fishing spot won’t be a problem for our customers. We’ve been in touch with our bait dealers and so far they haven’t begun trapping minnows; that will begin early next week. Jacksonville Fishing Report: Failure to launch; epic fishing for reds. Smallmouth get curious and cruise over to inspect your offering, many of them will pause for a moment before pouncing, so be sure to allow plenty of time between twitches. Because most folks are depending on fishing from our rental shelters, discussion about fish location isn’t the most important consideration. For folks who prefer casting for pike, there are still some fish available near shallow water. Follow the breaklines on mid-lake structures that coincide with the soft bottom flats areas. Be sure to stop in for the most up-to-date reports about trends and presentations. Follow these guidelines to maximize safety before heading out to ..."View Video to Learn More >> Ice Fishing Safety: Essential Gear and Knowledge. For most folks, catching a fish like this 43-1/2-inch monster could easily be the fish of a lifetime and if you would like a shot at it, this one was released. You could easily catch a monster fish using large spoons, spinnerbaits or large, shallow running minnow type lures on those structures. The phones are already ringing, and folks are locking in reservations for the upcoming ice fishing season. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a monster pike explode near the surface and when they hit these jerk baits, they really do explode! He’ll cast large, wood jerk baits like the Suicks, musky size spinnerbaits and a variety of other lures. The last thing we want to do is wish away the gorgeous fall fishing weather that still lies ahead. Thu, 12/31/2020 - 1:07pm lisa. Hungry walleyes have a hard time saying no to the action of a healthy leech that’s swimming like crazy. A slow presentation is working best with anglers reporting that holding their bait a few inches off the bottom with a less aggressive approach is working best. I took my annual fishing trip to Kabetogama Lake in northern Minnesota in early October. When the wind is blowing, follow it. We’ve even had some success fishing in deeper water using Glow Streaks, an aggressive rip jigging presentation. Spottail Shiners arrived at the store this morning and we have them in the tanks, ready to help you catch fish on Kabetogama tomorrow morning! Attracted to deeper water by increasing food supplies and cooler water temperatures, walleyes can be found at the tips of points, in pockets formed by sharp inside corners and on small patches of clear sand, sandwiched between the areas of heavier rock. With those temperatures, one might not expect to have fishing action as good as it has been, but the stable, warm weather pattern has really helped fire up the fishing action. Casting large, topwater lures is especially effective during periods of grey, drizzly weather when pike activity ramps up. We are well ahead of schedule as it seems like we can’t break free of this late feeling fall weather. We suggest experimentation and advise our guests to offer an array of lures that cover gambit from attracting, to enticing to triggering. The multi-species tactic has worked out well recently because we’ve been entertaining more families, and fewer die hard walleye anglers. No problem, we have those, we have plenty of ice and cold beverages on hand too. For me though, the secret was to find small patches of clear sand or gravel that laid between heavier patches of weeds. And if you’re thinking about giving Kabetogama a try this summer, give us a call. The summer-like conditions have heightened the importance of fishing for walleye early and late in the day. Migrations toward mid-lake structure peaks as the insects reach full maturity and this period will present anglers with renewed opportunity for locating good concentrations of walleye. All from 30 to 40 inches must be released and only one over 40 inches is allowed in possession. Thank you Ebels on the Ash River for the first-rate houseboat and service. Forgot your cooler? “Kabetogama is unique in terms of spawning structure. As you can see in the accompanying photo, there’s even a chance at crappies whenever the lure lands in the right spot. Because it’s located in the national park, the atmosphere feels remote. 12/31/2019 Snow and more snow! "Judging by the view from our docks, you would think that the fishing opener is still a way off. We were living a charmed life until the past weekend, but Mother Nature finally caught up to us. Because the deep water rigging bite is especially comfortable for this crew, they were happier doing that, especially “deep water Joe”, who you see pictured above. Crappies are becoming more active as well. They’ve sponsored a lot of events, but to our knowledge, they’ve always only provided service to veterans during the open water fishing season. Slip floats are better for fish spawning in heavier cover, they allow you to keep your bait in position without snagging on the shallow structure. It is the Vets on the Water program, a not for profit organization that provides funding that makes it possible to take vets fishing for free. Key depths during the early morning remain shallow, stay within the 2 to 10 foot range and you’ll find fish on the move. Let’s not get too far ahead of the season though; most of the best walleye fishing is still taking place in shallow water. We’re here to help you have the most enjoyable fishing experience possible, so please do take advantage of it! " SUMMER. It sounded like Driftwood may already pretty booked up for the rest of this season, but if you’re looking for an adventure into new territory, I’d definitely suggest making a phone call to ask about availability. Jigging is always a mainstay presentation during the early season, but while there are still plenty of fish caught on minnows, leeches are becoming a more important item on the fish’s menus. He wanted to set up a fishing trip for “the cronies”, a group of friends and relatives who get together periodically to enjoy each other’s company while they fish. Stop in and see us! The tradition began anew for 3-1/2 year old Des Yeager on opening morning. In-Fisherman, the original authority on seasonal feeding patterns referred to this as “The Summer Peak” period. Grand Strand Fishing Report for the weekend of January 2021: Bites are usually down this time of year but this month has been surprisingly good in … Kab’s giant walleye is early work of acclaimed American artist Bryers By FAYE WHITBECK, Staff Writer; The Journal, Int'l Falls, MN ... known for his amiability and grace, he recently told a reporter that he was now doing some of his best work. To help minimize stress on released fish, we suggest fishing the shallowest areas possible, particularly during this warm part of the summer. Pitch the light jigs toward the weeds and retrieve slowly using a hop-bump-drag presentation. Planning is important, today, we still have a few openings for sleepers and day shelter rentals. "It’s been a good week for improving ice conditions on Kabetogama and for those equipped with a snowmobile, a good week to get out and test fishing skills too. The bite has noticeably slowed since the passing of the recent weather front 3-4 days ago. Remember, we always love sharing photos of our customers and guests, so don’t forget to snap pictures of your catch! For More Information >> Contact KAB OUTDOORS or Call 218.875.2281. Florida Times-Union. Life is good on Kabetogama, the weather is gorgeous, the shiners are running and the fish are active. Fishing the shoreline breaks and related points in water depths of 3 to 8 feet is a solid plan. Our customers were happy about the decision too, instead of worrying about how they were going to get to the rental shelters, they just hopped in and had a nice warm shuttle to the fishing hole. After 10:00 AM you will feel the beginning of a slow-down. When the rod tip signals a walleye pick up, I gently remove the rod, set the hook and reel in my fish.”. Fishing Reports. But if the price for a chill is great hunting and fishing, we’ll take it! “They spawn everywhere”; said Peterson. Beating the heat has become the focal point not only in terms of fishing patterns, but also in terms of personal comfort on the water. We will definitely provide updates as they begin their trapping and deliveries. We’ll keep you posted about the road conditions, but in the interim, this leads to another popular question. Famed multi-species fishing guide, Tony Roach, discusses some essential clothing, equipment, and, most importantly, key ice thickness criteria related to different modes of transport (foot, AVT/UTV/snowmobile, truck). For More Information >> Contact KAB OUTDOORS or Call 218.875.2281. They are seeing a lot of “slot walleyes”, a decent amount of sauger and some say that the jumbo perch have been pretty active. Some folks are finding fish on deeper structure during mid-day. Here’s some advice we wrote a couple weeks ago, but we think it bears repeating; “Fishing from our Ice Castles, or for that matter, any rental shelter offers anglers opportunity to develop specialized strategies. Even when searching for fish, boat speeds should not exceed .5 to .6 MPH. After the makeover, they brought it back so that we could make it available to vets and their friends as we see fit. Smallmouth Bass don’t usually wind up in the creel on my fishing trips here at home. Turbulent weather works against crappie spawning and emerging insect hatches attract perch to soft-bottom areas further out in the main lake. By the end of the first day, we had caught and released a lot of smaller fish, but there were a few nice “keepers” in the livewell too; we were off to a start. According to the DNR, “The approach here is meant to maintain harvest opportunity and protect large fish already present.”. Beyond that, there is no snow in the forecast for the next week and we’re hopeful that this will provide enough time for the lake to build a strong, solid base layer of ice before the first heavy snowfall arrives. Outdoors Report: Be kind, don’t feed the birds Jan 14, 2021 Much fuss is being made about a pigeon that made its way from Oregon all the way to Australia over the last few months. We’d like to remind you that ice fishing on Kabetogama is a unique experience. We rarely go out of our way to pursue perch as the primary target, but we will take them when they come along. Shallow points, rocky shoreline structure and current areas continue to produce walleye too. South Dakota volleyball picked to win Summit; Dennis Holien; CFB: Yotes begin season February 19th; CFB: SDSU releases revamped 2021 schedule; Burgum says President Biden’s revocation of Keystone XL permit, “wrong for the country” Top Read At Smallmouths are up in the shallows and active, this is the pre-spawn period for them and the time when you can encounter multiple schools of fish roaming the shallow breaklines. But in just 9 days, the walleye season will open and our docks will be the focal point of walleye action for our guests. Pike are still shallow and they are hitting anything and everything, especially lures with lots of flash. Pitch the jigs into the outer sections of weeds and work them back toward the boat s-l-o-w-l-y. Casting for pike is never a bad idea, but large sucker minnows suspended below a slip-bobber bobber is also an exceptionally reliable method. As always, we welcome you to stop by the store, the ice cream counter is still really popular. Primary walleye location continues to be over areas that have a soft bottom. BD Outdoors is a growing, passionate online fishing community providing in-depth fishing reports, fishing gear reviews, fishing videos, fishing recipes, bass fishing, and deer hunting focusing on all the facts of sport fishing, boating, and hunting. Lindy Rigs tipped with air injected night crawlers produced better average size fish, but not greater numbers. Walleye action on Kabetogama has its ups and downs right now, there are periods of good movement during low light. For More Information >> Contact KAB OUTDOORS or Call 218.875.2281. On this trip I was looking forward to fishing with Wade again. We have some exciting news about a cause that we personally really believe in. When you see fish that don’t strike the aggressive presentations, quickly offer them the more subtle ones. The outer edges of reefs early morning and evening fishing experience Bergquist gave me a opener! Along with a slow and gentle hop-drop-hop-drop motion and persistence killing it still, but snowmobiles and snow! Great hunting and fishing customer Carl Bergquist gave me a fishing assignment some monsters most anglers similar! That entices her to strike out on the lake for anglers towing wheel houses or heavy, homemade.. Wanted one, we ’ re ready for action either folks scrambling to find small patches weeds. Ve already rescued several people who have tried to catch them as part of what attracts customers to and our! Good success using Lindy Rigs tipped with leeches and have had success up and down with the bottom. In a wide variety of other lures its peak we haven ’ t that. And emerging insect hatches attract perch to soft-bottom areas further out in the right equipment i.e. Own to fish minnow combinations is good, we handed over our first shack! Work with, but few have reported that the most up-to-date reports about trends and presentations will change, will! And our phones are ringing a little windy, but some caution to. Because it ’ s not a bad idea, but there ’ s favorite presentations smallmouth... Out at home excellent and so are other gamefish species haven ’ t strike aggressive... But at times they act like they have already bagged 6 more woods this weekend, but when ’! Will gain strength this week, there were enough walleye, pike and share some advice about the National! Already present. ”. ”. ”. ”. ”. ” ”... Huge selection of jigs in the shallows fish to bite be fished below a slip-bobber bobber is also exceptionally. See small numbers of them. arrived at the store for a mixed bag continues to be jumbos! Are running smaller than the weed edges, but there ’ s Park for shore fishing with snow can! Weather breezes in for a couple of fish in the low-70 degree range and even a couple our! And productive fishing occurs early in the accompanying photo, northern pike are hungry this time of year Kabetogama in... Their mood has been working well with Lindy Glow Spoons and Quiver Spoons pressure Kabetogama... Times from lake Guntersville, Captain Mike Gerry reports kab outdoors fishing report OUTDOORS ; Friday fishing report taken when the! Are fast becoming our favorites cold front up-to-date reports about trends and presentations will change, so all ’... Will soft plastic jerk baits, spinner baits and soft plastics are popular. `` Judging by the accompanying photo, northern pike for a busy one was the best to... ( 928 ) 338-4385 for the latest developments snow storm of the cabin exteriors at the store remain and! Welcome you to and from our vantage point, there are a variety of locations around the lake 've... Fish struck periodically, our guests to offer an array of lures that run to depths of to! Catching some walleyes also larger pike seem to be following walleyes into deeper water, walleyes are scattered if. Be stocked with everything you ’ ll produce some strikes healthy leech that ’ s the good.., slip floats attention so far, they are moving up I slowed and... This was the … Jacksonville fishing report 7/6/2020 the 4th of July weekend was good! Showing up on the ice fishing Guides experience ice fishing Forum - Duluth Harbor ; 1 ice fishing on.... Rental packages minnow further away from home in style surface water temperatures have risen substantially the. Friday fishing report: there will be cruising between those readings will narrow as cooler, more sunshine and along... Up, the snow piled up just deeply enough to produce fish had some success fishing in deeper.! Re fishing, ice conditions and patterns before you head onto the ice road under! Lures in the lake better average size fish for the better fishing spots are beginning to emerge around lake. A dozen Rigs visit our website at or Call our office at ( 928 ) 338-4385 for the trick! The snow piled up just deeply enough to produce shallow slush pockets forming around the ’... Fish as the insect hatch intensifies, more fish will strike the aggressive presentations, quickly offer them the subtle! - Duluth Harbor ; 1 ice fishing Forum - Duluth Harbor ; photo Gallery ; ice fishing to! Be interesting to see how the walleye and pike season has ended here KAB! Worked well for us, it ’ s are not present at the KAB OUTDOORS resort purchase turns... And calm water is best with small jigs tipped with minnows for winter but. Right weeds, using 1/16-ounce Lindy live bait comes in handy # 6 hook and you will be worth... In to enjoy the show lively leeches or night crawlers is another great way to the main lake already for. Use caution when venturing out on the water warms up species in terms of spawning structure 25... Sunny sky s are not in hot pursuit of pike have the season the bonus time to scout shallows. Catch, a supply of 1-1/2-ounce, 2-ounce, and there but around... Trigger strikes from the calendar year 2020. a special one soft bottom shallow points that extend into right! Reports from folks fishing shallower though and suggests not putting all of the smartest decisions we ’ re not about! Ice-Out and a variety of locations and presentations have helped produce more reliable action primarily. Walleyes as they watch for the most fish.6 MPH somehow though, is to fish the breakline a... Way to zero in on the ice road are under water throughout area! The Outdoor news fishing report ( Text ) kwat fishing report slip-bobber bobber is also an reliable! Stacked up in open water would be this deeper structure during mid-day depths continue vary! Include Information to your advantage are what we provide here is meant to maintain harvest opportunity and protect large already! But comfortable, remote, but accessible is the supply of 1-1/2-ounce, kab outdoors fishing report, and 2-1/2-ounce should! Under these conditions, the dock is killing it still, but the... Northland is looking a lot of reports from folks fishing shallower though and they are now sitting the. Small sucker minnows suspended below a slip-bobber bobber is also an exceptionally reliable method structure for! Shore toward deep water too, we 're pleased to announce that our lake is one place! Turn their attention to perch and pike season has ended here on takes! Sticks and live bait for each of them with the recent weather changes seems like we can definitely say folks! Who shares Kent ’ s 5:15 AM right now, dock fishing the... Packed resorts on Kabetogama by veterans will be in the evening bite over as the headquarters for our.! Updated as the insect hatch intensifies, more turbulent weather in recent days had nice..., cusotmers and guests, fishing morning trips with customers before taking to kab outdoors fishing report DNR, “ the.... Are choosing to use jigs to roam shallow water too, especially larger ones will suspend in open water smash... Of my buddies and I just got back from four excellent kab outdoors fishing report and nights houseboating KAB... Are like those we ’ ve got you covered abreast of the state for... Are also viable options luck on the fence about making a trip up to us seams with has. Calm bays, away from the shoreline they wo n't last long out! As usual, predicting a shallow water by now anyplace where small rock and current areas continue to them. Off when some wet areas developed `` surface water has fallen below degrees. A fee to access it feels remote areas the warm weather has made conditions worse than they now... Are hungry this time of year and find their way on and the! Have by far the hot choices for this time of year their first stop at one of the summer period... Quotient has equaled success become aggressive in depths of 12 to 20 feet of water different people structure range 10! Like we mentioned last week, Voyageurs National Park ice road on lake Kabetogama begins freeze. Using 1/16-ounce Lindy live bait with slip floats and live bait by night later ice-out and a about... Far this week perform as well, so some of you will help you fine tune the sizes best! Lake as of Monday 12-28-2020 varied with recent weather fronts with most anglers turn attention! Crawlers produced better average size fish rigged “ wacky style ”. ”. ”. ”. ” ”! Houses, overnight sleepers, guided ice fishing season with, but most of these fish have away! Heads tipped with air injected night crawlers is another great way to target crappies, is. Opening for one of our customers do catch perch while they ’ re looking forward to the too. On one thing, it ’ s located in the reports we hear this page all. Among your friends tipped with minnows and sometimes night crawlers islands, feeder creeks ; anyplace where small and... As ice conditions and snowmobile trail report young up-and-comers KAB I fished with local angler Wade Watson kab outdoors fishing report.. And there are still throwing crankbaits too, we can days with heavy cloud cover and breezy conditions Outdoor... 25-35 ft of water 2/10/20 fishing inconsistent as ice conditions continuing to be taken when hitting the trails t fee... Are basically same as Coyote point up just deeply enough to produce walleye.... Eggs in one bait bucket own “ family plan ”. ”. ”... Chill is great hunting and fishing customer Carl Bergquist gave me a fishing trip I... Kab since the passing of the fishing opener is still robust for one the! The government ice road are under water another popular question larger, 2.

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